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Note from the writer: I put this piece together as a lead magnet for a short-lived digital marketing side project. — Ben

100 Headlines Guaranteed to Get Clicks

Use these for your Google Ads, your blog, and your social media posts:

  1. The Secret of Making People [do something desirable]
  2. A Little Mistake That Cost [a person] [an amount] per [time period]
  3. Advice to [first group] whose [second group] don’t [do something desirable] — by [a member of the first group]
  4. The [person] Who Won the Hearts of All
  5. Are You Ever [something undesirable] at a [social gathering]?
  6. How a New Discovery Made [something undesirable] [something desirable]
  7. How to [do something desirable]
  8. The Last [time period] are the Longest — and Those are the [time period] You Save
  9. Who Else Wants [something desirable]?
  10. Do You Make These Mistakes in [activity]?
  11. Why Some [items] [attention-grabbing word] in Your [item]
  12. [body parts] That Look Lovelier in [time period] — or Your Money Back
  13. You can Laugh at [something undesirable] — if You Follow This Simple Plan
  14. Why Some People Almost Always [do something desirable]
  15. When [professional group] [attention-grabbing phrase] This is What They Do
  16. It Seems Incredible That [something incredible]
  17. [number] Familiar [undesirable things] — Which do You Want to Overcome?
  18. Which of These [price] [item] do You Want — for Only [discounted price]?
  19. Who Ever Heard of a [person] [something desirable] — and Enjoying [something desirable] at the Same Time?
  20. How I Improved [something desirable] in [time period]
  21. Discover the Fortune that Lies Hidden in [item]
  22. [professionals] Prove [number] out of [number] [people] can Have [something desirable] in [time period]
  23. How I [did something desirable] with [attention-grabbing phrase]
  24. How Often do You Hear Yourself Saying [phrase]?
  25. [number] Have This Priceless Gift — but Never Discover It!
  26. Whose Fault When [something undesirable]?
  27. How a [attention-grabbing phrase] Made Me [something desirable]
  28. Do You Have These Symptoms of [something undesirable]?
  29. Guaranteed to [do something desirable] — or Your Money Back!
  30. Do You Have [something undesirable]?
  31. How a New Kind of [item] Improved [something desirable] in [time period]
  32. [number] New Ways to [do something desirable] — in This Fascinating [item] for [people]
  33. Profits that lie Hidden in Your [item]
  34. Is the Life of [person] Worth [amount] to You?
  35. Everywhere [people] are Raving About This Amazing New [item]!
  36. Do You do any of These [number] [something undesirable] Things?
  37. [number] Types of [group] — Which Group are You In?
  38. How to [do something desirable]… Use [product] and Follow These Easy Directions
  39. Today… add [amount] to Your [item] — for the Price of [something inexpensive]
  40. Does Your [person] Ever [something undesirable] You?
  41. Is Your [item] [item]-Poor?
  42. How to Give Your [people] Extra [something desirable] — These [number] [something desirable] Ways
  43. To People who Want to [do something desirable] — but Can’t Get Started
  44. This Almost-Magical [item] [does something desirable]
  45. The Crimes We Commit Against Our [items]
  46. The [person] With the [attention-grabbing phrase]
  47. They Laughed When I [did something] — but When I Started to [do something]!
  48. Throw Away Your [items]!
  49. How to do Wonders With a Little [item]!
  50. Who Else Wants [something desirable] — in Half the [time period]?
  51. Little [items] That Keep [people] [something undesirable]
  52. [attention-grabbing word] by [number] [items]… Retains Full [something desirable]
  53. No More Back-Breaking [place] Chores for Me — yet Ours is now the [something desirable] of the [place]!
  54. Often [something undesirable], Never [something desirable]
  55. How Much is [attention-grabbing phrase] Costing Your Company?
  56. To [people] who Want to Quit [something undesirable] Someday
  57. How to Plan Your [item] to Suit Yourself
  58. Don’t buy a [item]… Until You’ve Seen This Sensation of the [event]
  59. Recall These Great Moments at [place]
  60. “I Lost My [something undesirable]… and Saved Money Too”
  61. Why [item] Gives More [something desirable] This [time period]
  62. Right and Wrong [activity] Methods — and Little Pointers That Will Increase Your [something desirable]
  63. New [item]-Improver gets You Compliments Galore!
  64. Imagine Me… Holding an Audience Spellbound for [time period]!
  65. This is [famous person] — [attention-grabbing phrase]
  66. Did You Ever see a [attention-grabbing word] from Your [item]?
  67. Now any [item] Repair job can be [attention-grabbing phrase] for You
  68. New [item] Leaves Your [item] [something desirable] — [something else desirable]
  69. It’s a Shame for You not to [something desirable] — when These [people] do it so Easily
  70. You’ve Never Seen [item] as I got About My [item]
  71. [number] now [do something desirable] who Never Thought They Could
  72. Great New Discovery [does something desirable] — Makes [item] [something desirable]
  73. Take this [time period] test — of an Amazing new kind of [item]
  74. Announcing… the New Edition of [item] that Makes it fun to [do something undesirable]
  75. Again [person] [action]… [attention-grabbing phrase]
  76. For the [person] who is [something undesirable] than they [something desirable]
  77. Where You can go in [item]
  78. Check the kind of [item] You Want
  79. “You [do something undesirable] — or I’ll [do something undesirable].”
  80. Here’s a Quick way to [do something desirable]
  81. There’s Another [person] Waiting for Every [person] — and They’re too Smart to have [something undesirable]
  82. This [item] [attention-grabbing word] Before it [action] — but Never Afterwards!
  83. If You were Given [amount] to Spend — Isn’t this the kind of [item] You Would Build?
  84. “Last [time period]… I was Scared! — my [person] Almost [did something undesirable]!”
  85. [number] Reasons why it Would have paid You to [do something] a few [time period] Ago
  86. Suppose this Happened on Your [event]!
  87. Don’t let [something undesirable] [attention-grabbing phrase]
  88. Are They Being [something desirable] Right over Your Head?
  89. Are We a Nation of [something undesirable]?
  90. A Wonderful [time period] [something desirable] — but only [people] with Imagination can take It
  91. What Everybody Should Know… About [item]
  92. Money-Saving Bargains from [place]
  93. Former [professional] Earns [amount] in [time period] as a [professional]
  94. Free [item] — Tells You [number] Secrets of [something desirable]
  95. Greatest gold mine of easy [action] ever Crammed into one [item]
  96. [amount] in Prizes! Help Us find the name for These New [item]
  97. Now! Own [item] this easy way for [amount]
  98. Take any [number] of These [item] — for only [amount] (Values up to [amount])
  99. Save [amount] on [number] [item] — Limited Time Offer
  100. [number] [item] Free for Every [number] You Buy!

How to Set Up Your Website for Maximum Selling Power

Follow these easy steps to get your website up and running:

  1. Sign up for a Cloudways account.
  2. Set up a new WordPress installation on your Cloudways account.
  3. Download the GeneratePress theme.
  4. Download the Elementor plugin.
  5. Use the Site Library feature of GeneratePress to get started with a fast, clean, and responsive site template.

The Ideal Social Media Posting Schedule (With Guidelines for Each Social Network)


Days: Monday through Friday

Times: Between 9 AM and 3 PM


Days: Tuesday through Friday

Times: Between 10 AM and 3 PM


Days: Tuesday through Friday

Times: Between 8 AM and 2 PM


Days: Monday through Friday

Times: Between 8 AM and 4 PM

The Secret to Writing an Advertisement That Sells

It takes practice to write an advertisement that sells, but you can do it! It’s not impossible, and anyone (including you) can learn how to do it. We’ve found one inexpensive guidebook to be the absolute best course in advertisement writing. You’ll be able to read through it within a week or so and have all the information you need to write killer ads that make you money.

Get the book How to Write a Good Advertisement by Victor Schwab!

Three Quick Wins to Boost Your Local Search Ranking for Free

Follow these three steps to boost your local search ranking for free:

  1. Set up your company’s Google My Business account.
  2. Make sure your business address, contact information, and hours of operation are listed on your company’s Facebook Page.
  3. Set up your company’s Yelp account.

Do You Need More Help?

Besides the free digital marketing resources we offer on our website (and in guides like this one), we also offer digital marketing consulting services.

Get in touch with us, and let’s see what we can do together!



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